Our upcoming chaotic multiplayer party game for up to 4 players. Fight with an assortment of silly characters to capture your opponent's treasure chest, while avoiding the many explosive powerups!

INVADE is a chaotic multiplayer party game for up to 4 players. Navigate your chosen character through many varied and unpredictable levels, to capture the opponent’s treasure chest and retrieve it to the safety of your base, all while avoiding the haphazard (and usually explosive!) powerups used against you by your competitor.

Couch Mode & Online Multiplayer

INVADE is a game to be played with friends; up to 4 players can play together online or on the same device, split between 2 teams.


Battle with your choice from an assortment of entertaining characters, each with their own themed weapon!


Pick the location for your match from a wide variety of unique levels, including a beach, train station, building site and many more!


Drop a bomb on your opponent, surround them in lava, or just catapult them into space! The many included powerups will make any game more chaotic!

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